CoCo Mango Body Oil

CoCo Mango Body Oil

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Straight to the point 
Pineapple and orange fragrance. With ripe mango and a splash of peach. Coconut milk and sugar based fragrance. 
I'm listening. 
Heals dry cracked skin. Fades stretch marks, improves complexion and skin tones,
improves acne. Help reverse sun damage. 

Apply a small amount of this luscious body oil onto your skin 
and give your skin the luxurious glow it needs!

Ingredients Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Essential Oil 
Made with high quality ingredients and with our customers in mind. 

12 months shelf life 


This product does contains oils that are not allergy safe. 

Product does contains nuts oils that can trigger adverse reactions in people who have severe  allergies. 

Please spot test new products on a small area before use.